Clothes: From cool to romantic – we love them!

“You’ve Got Style” is probably one of the nicest compliments that can get a wife for themselves and their clothes selection. Finally, it is not so easy to figure out what is one and what makes you feel good – and clothes are also happen to underline your personality. There is magic women who master this tightrope walk effortlessly. So the style of Audrey Hepburn is still considered a guarantee for an elegant appearance, Sienna Miller clothes in style are the rage of the sexy look of Rihanna attracts everyone’s attention.

Unfortunately, there is no point to fill your wardrobe with celebrity clothes – a style icon so you will not fact. Rather than emulate role models in detail, one should simply take time inspired by them and experiment with different pieces. In the end, it is in fact most important that the clothes to fit your personality and give the wearer an individual touch. Therefore, you have to find the best opportunities, the perfect clothes and your own style. In addition, today is no longer just the traditional shopping trip with your best friend.

Tips for your personal style

• Make an inventory of your clothes. Sort rigorously from everything you had on not less than one year.
• Be honest with yourself colours you like, but do not flatter your complexion, clothes for which you want to lose weight for years.
• Bet on a basic wardrobe – clothes that are simple, but well-made and so timeless that you can combine well with trend accessories.
• Put clothes at good value on workmanship and materials
• Care for your clothes – sounds simple, but has a big impact. Therefore, you not only invest in new clothes, but also in its proper care.

Stars and their clothes

Style icon Coco Chanel gave us ladies decades ago some good advice: “I do not understand women who leave the house without having dressed himself Perhaps a date waits on the fate. ”

Designer Vivienne Westwood is: “People buy terrible clothes that have nothing to do with her personality!”

Collien Fernandes remains faithful and has great clothes more clothes, including many pairs of shoes, double and triple wardrobe.

Fashion jewellery with precious stones: symbolism of Sapphire and Amethyst

The Sapphire:

It is the most heavenly of all jewels. No wonder the people believed in earlier times, the sky was a huge blue sapphire. Blue is the main colour of the sapphire, even if the precious stone also exists in many other colours.

• Its symbol: immortality, purity and wisdom.
• His virtue, commitment and stability. The sapphire gives patience and strengthens interpersonal connections. Its pure blue rejects hatred. With the colour blue, the favourite colour of many people, positive emotions such as sympathy and harmony, friendship and loyalty are generally associated.
• His Legend: The sapphire was worshiped in ancient Rome and Egypt as the stone of truth and justice. The Egyptians believed that the sapphire controlling the careers of stars and therefore called him the “stone of the stars.”

The Topaz: The topaz, and the „sacred stone called “exists in many colours, including various yellow, brown, blue -, green and pink tones and in a transparent variant. The topaz has been known for over 2000 years is the ninth the 12 gems that form the foundation of the 12 gates to the Holy City of the New Jerusalem.

Its symbol: loyalty. The topaz stone symbolizes strength and power, and stimulates mental development.

Its virtue: He gives inspiration. Its transparent colour invigorates the mind, improves concentration, and helps to overcome obstacles and difficulties to solve complicated problems and to master the passion.
Its legend: For the Egyptians, the topaz embodied the sun god Re, i.e. the god of fertility and life.

The Amethyst:

Also called stone of bishops, because the famous quartz stone has been around for thousands of years one of the most sought after gems of ecclesiastical and secular rulers.

The original meaning of the word is, however, less gloriously in the Greek means amethystos is nothing else than “drunk“.
Its symbol: purity of soul, power and happiness, honesty, humility and wisdom.

Its Virtue: The Amethyst gives intellectual and psychological balance and protects from evil thoughts and evil intentions. His violet hue fights depression and stimulates spiritual development.

Its legend: In ancient times, they used wine from amethyst cups to the guests to prevent them from getting drunk.

Fashion jewellery with precious stones: symbolism of Diamond, Emerald and Rubin

Precious or semi-precious stones are not only decorative but also each one of them has its symbolism. Depending on the culture and tradition to the pretty stones bring luck, foster our inner energy or even have magical powers…
Discover the most famous symbols of the gems!

The symbolic power of the stones

Due to their uniqueness are gems synonym for strength and purity. As a gift, they are a sign of love, honesty and faithfulness.

The diamond:

The most precious of all stones: He is indestructible and pure. Its symbol: Purity, strength, unity, perfection and eternal love • its virtue: He gives strength and strengthens the unity and personal commitment. It is also called the stone of reconciliation. • His legend: In ancient times, Plato referred to a world axis formed from diamonds.

The Emerald

This exceptionally valuable and fragile gemstone is named for its bright green colour. The word emerald comes from the Greek smaragdos and actually means nothing more than “green gemstone”.

Its symbol: The green of the emerald is the colour of true love and of happiness, but also it is a symbol of recurrent life, strength and inner happiness. Its virtue: trust. Its green colour calms, strengthens the nerves and soothes inflammation. In addition, therapeutic qualities in terms of visual organs are said to have the emerald stone and could even be scientifically proven. • His Legend: The Emperor Nero watched the gladiator fights in a green emerald stone. In ancient Rome, the Emerald Green was also the colour of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.

The Rubin:

The most characteristic feature of Rubinstein’s is undoubtedly its bright red colour. Not in vain the name of the intense radiant gem from the Latin word was rubens = “Red derived ‘.

Its symbol: fire, courage, struggle, love, divine benevolence, vitality, youth, passion.

Its Virtue: The Rubinstein stabilizes emotions and protects against treachery He also gives spiritual as well as physical force.

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